Turn down the lights and we will light up your audience.

We create breathtaking Smartphone Light Shows for venues of all sizes.

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What are Smartphone Light Shows by Kivett Productions?

Kivett Productions has partnered with Human Video Board to develop a complete system for creating, producing, and scheduling animated light shows using spectator smartphones. The system will transform an entire arena or stadium into a video display with images, words, patterns, logos, and more!

Smartphone Light Shows by Kivett Productions allow event organizers to:

  • Engage the audience with their favorite device – their smartphone.
  • Make the audience part of the game/show/event.
  • Create amazing light shows and images that enhance the guest experience and add value to the game/show/event.
  • Create amazing images that will be cherished and remembered for many years to come.

Kivett Productions creates stunning

Smartphone Light Show presentations

Powered by the Human Video Board app, Smartphone Light Shows by Kivett Productions are different from all other Smartphone Light Shows in that we bitmap your venue or assign a specific code to every seat. This allows us to create fully programmable images, words, and patterns. Similar technology is being used with light-up wristbands that must be placed in every seat. Our light shows are about 70% less expensive than the wristband light shows because no hardware is required; we use the audience’s smartphones.

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